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Let’s talk about two things, what is Victoria’s Angst and what is Angst (the blog)?

Victoria’s Angst is living inside my head on a regular basis (it’s not like I take vacations, I wish.  I’m here 9-5, 40 hours per week, unless they force me to work over time) and living in here means I have to deal with certain characteristics.  Here’s a list:

Victoria (me) is:  shocking, wild, graphic, dirty-mouthed, a writer, a reader, serious, sarcastic, panicked, anxious, depressed, brave, scared as shit, scandalous, hyperactive, quiet, loud, conversational, creative, an author, artistic, busy, stressed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, loving life, hating it, trying to be athletic, jokey, funny (you decide?), fast paced, impatient (I can’t even put patient on the list, sorry), pessimistic, social, computer friendly (ur?), a social media enthusiast, an obsessed blogger, mental health advocate, a multi-tasking fiend, community minded crazy person, excellent email correspondent or snail mail pen pal.

Angst (the blog)

A place to exercise the demons in my head and the other characteristics that are housed there (I’m the landlady or the slumlord, as you wish, and I’m raising rent!).  AKA Angst Anarchy is a humor, sarcasm, life is hard and funny and weird blog. K?

Angst =

#FlashFiction (Click for a Random Post)

#Poetry (Random post, win a prize!…not really)

#Writing about My Book Angst (the Novel)  (Go random?)

#Rants  (Try it? Sample? or will this one tickle your fancy?)

#Writing Advice  (Too serious?!  Try it?)

#Crazy Crazy Crazy  (Best shit ever.  Try it!  Do it AGAIN!!  AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!)  OVERLOADDDDD. System Failure. Reboot.

#Sarcasm (Naw…you don’t want ya?)

#Random  (Random?) (Randomer?) (Even more Randomer than that?)

#Mental Health (Yes Please!) (How about another dose of your “medicine”?)

I like:

(!!!!!!! !?!?! AKA excessive punctuation)  (hahaha, ahahaha, mwhaahaa ha….ha) (OMG)  (Sly, Sarcastic Asides) (Forced Positivity)  (Easily Achieved Negativity)  (Bringing the Crazy)  (Photoshop)  (Graphic Design)  (Writing bullshit such as blog posts, novels and emails)   (Being Ridiculous/Hyperactive)  (Conversation)  (Talking (to my-self-elf))  (Ranting) (Jameson (mmm)) (Cussin’ *sorry? Not sorry)  (Y or N Answers) (Rhetorical Questions)  (Rambling)  (Reading, Constantly)  (Art)  (Journaling)  (Music and SINGING really loud) (Spontaneous ranting at Mr. VS for his “boy” ways which include hoarding and Male Pattern Blindness)

I hate (except as they fuel kickass creativity):

(Anxiety)  (Depression)  (Panic Attacks)  (Mental Health Stigma)  (LOL, I don’t know why.  Just the sound of it or something.  I’m LOL’ing.  Shiver.)  (Worry)  (Frustration) (People bugging me in the morning.  I’m not human before 10:00 am and I don’t drink coffee, so you won’t hear any of this “not before my first cup” bullshit.  YOU ADDICTS!) (People building a super Wal-mart 2 miles away from the other one.  What?? NO!!! F- YOU abomination on the landscape!)

Enter at your own risk…

Yes...hit enter. Do it!

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