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I know you’d like to boss me around, so I thought I’d give you a directive to “Be the Boss.”  Basically I’m bossing you into being the boss of me.  That makes sense, right?  The idea is as follows:

a. you have an idea for an awesome Angst post and you want me to write it (BOSSY!!) (and you want me to post it here or on your blog)

b. you have an idea for a tremendously killer Angst post and you want to write it and feature it here (Guest Blogger!!!)

c. you have a question that you must have answered or you will die and you want me to help  (Please God, send me the weird questions.  I’m ready!)

d. you are a wickedly cool business or non-profit or community/group or other and would like me to create a post of your choice and mention your XYZ.

If any of the above pertains to you, then you Sir or Madam may “Be the Boss” and send me an email with your directives. More than likely I’ll say, “You’re not the boss of me!  I can do whatever I want!”  Then I’ll throw a temper tantrum until I’m exhausted, then have a pout-fest and then I’ll proceed to do exactly as you have directed.  Sounds pretty easy, right?

Drop me a line you crazy Angsty people!!

Victoria (@) angstanarchy (.) com

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