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I am Full of Bullshit:  My Best Quotes on Angst
What kind of Strange Godforsaken Place is This?

Social Media Socialite/Blog-master:

Getting Social with the Locals
Optimizing SEO for Maximum Angst
Facebook is Obnoxious so I Made Rules


Anxiety Percentages:  From 0% to 10%
Shocking Truth, I’m Not Human
The Inner Critics in the Crime Family
Acceptance:  Cause I’m Smart Enough, Pretty Enough, And Dammit I’m Worth it!
Notifications of Awesomeness
Ending the Continuous State of Beautiful Glorious Addictive Wretchedness

Two Steps Toward Enlightenment, One Step Back
Directionless Jellyfish Recalculates her GPS
If You’re So Smart, You Rig Up My Life!

Health, Beauty, Shopping

How to Second Hand Shop Like a Boss
How I reduced my Exposure to Chemical Filled Skincare and Household Products
15 Health and Beauty Tips it Took me Years to Learn

About Angst (The Novel):

Would You Judge This Girl By Her Cover?
Angst, I. Am. Crazy.
I’m Stressing You Out
Imagine a Sexy Raging Frat Party
Raw Emotion, Publishing Angst

Just plain Cray Cray:

I Solved Climate Change and Silenced the Alien Laughter
Satan’s Girlfriend…at the Office
Broken, The Internet Is
Submitting to the Sickness
Friday Mad Libs
Tandem Sleeping
A New Addiction Cometh: Coffee
The Power of Make-up!!

Humble Cake
AHH!!  Realization:  I’m a Sci-Fi Nerd!
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, These Flowers are Dying and So are You
Wife Competitions of Which We are Unaware
Pity Party for 2!  Woohoo!
Camping-Drinking Mythology

Bowling Related Injuries

Decoy Duck
I Call Shenanigans!
An Emailing Machine That Dispenses… Emails!
Dear Blog, It’s Me, Not You
How to Tell if You’re Crazy

Story Snippets/Flash Fiction:

A Smexy Guest Post:  His Hazardous Eyes
The Breakup – Exposed
We’re in Love, We’re in Hate
Wedded Hell

Angst Extras (The Novel):

Anti-Beauty Queen
Empty Physical Promises
How to go Crazy
A+ Work
Studying’s Overrated

Poem/Bitching/Losing it/Existential Meltdown:

My “Lady Areas” Are Guilty of Attempted Murder
Nature’s Fail: Exercise
Black Friday Crusades
The Term “Plus Size” Pisses me Off.
Profanity:  A Pretty Word For…
The Fraudulent Not Confident Blogger
The Super-Secret Secret to Corporate Success
End 8 Hour Work Days!  Start a Revolution!
Extra Sexy Universe
Worldwide Rant on Earth Day
She Shrieks My Anxiety
Swim Away Into Oblivion
Heat Drips, Like Fire Across the Skin

Until You See The Holes Cut Out Of Heaven
Dreamer Wake Up
Nine to Five is Crushing my Soul
Bitchy Bitchfest
Cosmic Insecurity


Getting My Muse Stinkin’ Drunk
Writers:  Stop Writing and Live
Indie Book Marketing and Engagement 101
9 Lies They Told You About Being an Author
Blank Page, White and Clean
She Found Her Voice
Writing Makes You Look Fat in Those Jeans
101 Easy (Hard) Steps to Becoming a Self-Published Author

About Me:

MySpace to MyPlace, A Love Story
An Awkward Encounter, BFF Edition

Sexy Canning = Botulism
A Love Song for Mr. VS Regarding Hoarding
Mucking Up Graphic Design (AKA Learning)
I Made Words!  Anarchy!
Failure the Musical (Starring Me!!)
I’m a Sci-Fi Nerd!  AHH!!
Sanctioning Cat Fights:  Bitey and the Gentleman
Much Biting Ensues (And sibling torture, Wolfenstein 3-D edition)
When Life Gives You Shit, You Give it Hell
A Crazy Sexy Cool Snapshot of Me
A Critique: Identity Crisis or Journey of Self Discovery
We Were Cutting Through Time and Space with Our Cheekbones


Bitey: Woods Cat

James (AKA Mr. Victoria Sawyer):

Grilled Cheese and Soup

  • This Time I Dance By Tama Kieves
  • Landfill Song: All your trash is going to a happy happy happy place! Photo of girl with sunflower
  • I've discovered the only viable reason for the existence of the skinny jean. Photo: girl in skinny jeans and boots
  • the gentleman tiger
  • Facebook can't get me now! Not While I'm reading
  • 3 Tips for Fiscal Responsibility: Photo Desk and leather chair
  • Kicking ass at marriage since 2009. Photo of couple with wedding ring
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